7O HM Kratom vendor


       7OHM stands for 7 Hydroxymitragynine, an alkaloid present in kratom leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa tree. 7OHM is the first US vendor who first produced kratom in powder and liquid extract. The vendor enjoyed its peak fame time from 2016-2017. 

7OHM was the first independent artisan who got his products lab tested by a third party. There are plenty of positive reviews about their products and vendor.

Recently the owner became ill and the company went down.

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    They import Kratom from Indonesia, Borneo, Sumatra etc, still they try to get all the best alkaloids by hand testing them. They use high tech floor mills to grind kratom leaves finely. They use nano grinders for this purpose and in the result they got the finest powder. These mills leave no food contaminants in kratom and there comes pure Kratom after the whole process.


What do they offer?


     7ohm offers pure strains such as Pure Red and Pure Green. These strains play the role of alkaloids and you can also choose to mix them to create a blend of your choice, you will also get a recipe book. There is a NEW offer named Make your own strain kits from Thailand which is made up of 


  1. Pure dried Green kratom
  2. Pure sun dried Red Kratom
  3. Partially sun dried Green
  4. Stem and vein


some other products and prices are mentioned below;


  • CBD special $25- 1g
  • Extract special $25-$40
  • CBD tinctures $80


Shipping policy


      They offer same day shipping via USPS, priority or first class mail is offered by the vendor. Orders are shipped from monday to saturday and shipping time is 12pm. All the orders are shipped the same day if placed before 11am now a days because of pandemic, next day shipping can be done in some cases. Orders above 250g are shipped through priority mail. The vendor announces that shipments from Singapore and Indonesia are currently stopped due to Covid19. No order limits for free shipping, all the orders get free shipping. You will also get a tracking number so that you become able to get in touch with your shipment.


Payment methods


  Various payment options are offered by the vendor for your comfort and ease. Mentioned below are the payment methods offered by the vendor;


  • Zelle
  • Google pay
  • Credit/debit card
  • ACH via secure email link
  • Prepaid card
  • Money order
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Western union
  • Moneygram


Cashback guarantee 


      They have the best return policy unlike many other vendors. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality or has any other issue with the product they can simply return the product and they will be refunded with full amount. But you have to inform them by calling their customer care before returning the product.




   No doubt when you visit the website you get attracted by the colour scheme and details about the vendor. There are some pictures of the setup where 7ohm produces the kratom. There is a blog section and FAQ section also, which is much informative. Some things were not in order just like the delivery and shipping section was not easy to find. Store for online shopping is not easy to find and details about the strains were not there properly. Many things were not responding because the vendor had health issues, car accident then the website also got hacked. 




Quality strains and alkaloids

Pure kratom

No additives

Unique range of products

Free shipping

Fast delivery

Same day shipping

No question asked return

Finely ground

Low price




Website not working properly

Limited strains

No lab tested

Batch to batch change

Same day shipping not possible at times

Not intended for humans